About Me

My name is Gcinekile and I am a novice blogger based in Eswatini, Mbabane. I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist who loves to read, write and listen to good music (yes, I do not have one favorite specific genre of music). Basically, I’d like to think of myself as an artist at heart. I absolutely love words, putting them together and thought provoking conversations.

Well, I had to try smile, despite the scorching sun. In any case, love this picture.

I love sharing my insights on the books that I read and my own experiences on a variety of issues with people and that’s part of what has inspired me to create this space. GROUNDED is defined as being well balanced, which is what I am building towards, but rather in a more out of context way of being firm in my beliefs, opinions, self and everything else about me which I hope to give voice to through my words. Actually, I am trying to find balance in things that matter in my life Also, it is defined as giving (something abstract) a firm theoretical or practical basis, which somewhat is what I hope to achieve through the topics I will discuss on Faith, purpose and Life.

Just about sums the “story” behind GROUNDED!

GROUNDED is my open heart journal in a blog- just a platform for me to let you in on my journey of becoming; a journey of self-discovery; a journey of finding my voice and being able to express it. This blog focuses on my life and gives shine on several things of which I live and stand by. It is a platform created to discuss my views on experiences I encounter either directly or indirectly through travel, conversations or any form of interaction that I have with the circle of people around me, which in more ways than one, are thought-provoking.

I am GROUNDED in this fact!

All topics discussed have been nuanced by all that I’ve experienced and I write what I am passionate about and I am passionate about what I write. Furthermore, I will share my successes and short-falls from which I hope you will gain inspiration. Time and again, I will discuss how the music I listen to and the books I read resonate with me. All these elements and more are a part of my thought and writing process, influencing a variety of the topics of which I will discuss.

This is my journey put into words as I navigate through life to discover my purpose. I tackle topics as objective as I possibly can and some of my posts are faith infused as I am a spiritual person who believes that our paths were pre-determined, as such everything that happens in our lives is part of this well planned and set grand design. This is where the past and present intertwine but understand this, the past is acknowledged, but consciously a decision was made to not let it define this work.

I have found that the essence carried through words brings out so much power that could either make or break a person. With that fact, I have decided to use my voice through words, to motivate, heal, encourage, stimulate discussion and conversations across all borders. So, please stay a while and read on! I do hope that you will come to appreciate this work as we remain “GROUNDED” in every sphere of our lives and that you will be empowered through the content put out. I believe this space will stimulate vulnerability to enhance growth for all of us!

The essence of words

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So, please do join me on this journey. Thanks, friends!