The Next Chapter: May

Hey there friends,

Goodness gracious it’s May already, wow!

Time sure does fly and with everything that has been going on since the beginning of this year being alive right now with enough provision is a blessing. The past couple of months have been quite a lot to take in, and a lot in our lives has changed and with these changes have come a number of lessons. How ever bad the situation has been we should express gratitude for all that we still have because a lot of people have lost so much, from jobs to loved ones and that has been the hardest blow ever. So if you still have that – a source of income, a roof over your head, not affected by any disease either directly or indirectly, then you my friend are blessed beyond. So, please quit complaining and offer praise to God for His provision, His protection and His sustenance. Once again, let us continue to share what we can with those who have limited or no means of survival.

Anyway, I have learned different lessons with each month, however all these four months combined have taught me two major lessons, faith and patience, with the latter being the hardest. Here’s the thing; I’ve had to be patient for my breakthrough and for my time to come, which was not at all easy. Some days I felt like giving up, and I think in so many ways, my connection with God is what kept me grounded through those times. Now then came COVID-19, of which so many things changed and we have had to adapt to life as is now and completely make our lives work around it. Getting a loaf of bread is one thing which was easy to access for some, well gaining access to a grocery store actually was easy. However, now we have to abide to social distancing standards, which means gaining entry into a store is not as easy as it once was. We have to stand in long queues to gain entry and only a small number of people are allowed in to the store at a time. Well, these are all things we have taken for granted for so long because it has always been easy, unfortunately now, that privilege is there but tight. So COVID-19 has taught all of us how to be patient because in all these stores, there are long queues that you cannot leave this grocery store for another because you are tired of waiting in line. Instead, you maintain your cool, remain patient and take a step at a time in line until you are allowed to get in. It is not easy, but it is necessary and has also been a lesson to many who roam around town on a daily basis with no valid reason as to why. So now going into town is only on an essential basis. Yeah, adaptation has kicked in and I have shared with you before that I easily adapt, but man oh man, some changes are hard to adapt to such as this, however it’s been nothing but lessons learned.

Standing in long queues is one thing. Now you literally have to explain to the cops as to where you are headed to when you are stopped by them on the road. We have been told to get letters from our local authorities in each community as means of “ease of access” to get to the hospital for instance or to travel from one region to the next. Also, employers were informed that they had to give their employees letters as proof of employment and that during these implemented lock-downs they were indeed heading to work. These are some of many measures that have been implemented to try and mitigate the spread of this virus by limiting the number of people roaming around unnecessarily.

A number of the people in my country use public transportation to travel and so do I. This week the change incepted to try and prevent unnecessary travel has been hard to adapt to. Monday through Wednesday, I stood in line for a minibus to get home for over an hour after work and I must tell you, each time I got back to the house I could not even speak to anyone due to exhaustion and being mad of course because on these first two days, Monday and Tuesday, I couldn’t get transport directly to my house. So, the minibus that I eventually got on both days, dropped me about a kilometre or so away from my house and I had to walk that distance in the erringly dark and cold night. Well, that’s the reality of the situation which we need to embrace. It’s been a struggle but I learned that I shouldn’t be mad about this but rather be grateful for what I have at hand which is the core reason why I have to be out and about each day. So focusing on that has put things into perspective.

On Monday as I stood in line, these two men were having a conversation behind me, and no I wasn’t eavesdropping, they were just loud enough for my ears to hear. Any way, this one man spoke about why these changes were implemented by our government, that as much as they were hard to adjust to they were for our own good. He went on to make reference to the taxi marshals, stating that as hard as this was for them especially having to make a number of cuts which affected their income, they continued to persevere. One thing he said which stuck with me was that as much as they were not pleased with the situation, they appreciated the little income they did get and they had somehow adjusted to the change COVID-19 had presented all of us with. Yes, things are hard, however embracing and adjusting to our new reality will make us more inclined to clearer and sound decision making enough to get a step closer to alleviating this virus better and the closer we could get to having our lives back, and build up what will be left of it.

So these past four months have been intensive but God still stands through all this and has remained a constant in all of it. For me He has been the calm in all things and for that I will forever be grateful as well as continue to remain focused on Him.

It has been a journey friends, not an easy one I might add but let us continue pressing on. This is the next chapter of the same journey, and I still cling on to God as I step into the greatness of this month. God will continue to strengthen me, and I will remain steadfast in prayer and the word.

That said…

May, I embrace you in faith and I receive all the abundant blessings God has in store for me wholeheartedly so. I am grateful that God is still within me, beside me, ahead of me and behind me through this journey. It is all being worked out for my good. God is still ever so Gracious, Loving and Merciful even this month. So, May, Welcome!

Grounded in faith


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