April Journey Reflection

I have learned the importance of seeing things through regardless of how hard it may be sometimes. In June, last year, I came across an interesting book, a page turner I might add by Elizabeth Gilbert titled Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, which in sum encourages one to pursue that which brings them joy and let not fear hold them back from doing so. Basically, this book encourages one to harness their creativity. However, it is not creativity in the sense of pursuing anything in the arts but rather embracing oneself and living a life that brings you great joy. In her book she writes about how ideas are always swirling around us, however we are always consumed by the distractions in our lives to take it up and unfortunately it moves on to someone else who will take it up. It is a process which she details well in her book that you are made to realise that some things are not worth your energy, especially when we focus on things that matter not and disregard that which we are passionate about. This book made me realise that I had spent so much time of my life letting fear define me that whenever an idea did knock on my door I was never receptive to it because I was focused on many trivial matters that brought me nothing but misery. So, reading this book opened a whole new world to me and reminded me of so many things that I have always wanted to pursue but unfortunately never did because I felt I couldn’t and mostly was scared. In any case, reading that book tapped into the person I have always known I was and served as an alarm clock which woke me up and I didn’t even need to press the snooze button. I knew what I had to do. Through this book I was made to understand that inspiration and I are partners working together towards something intriguing and worthwhile. Essentially, the process is about pursuing your innermost passions without fear.

If you say yes to an idea, now its show time. Now your job becomes both simple and difficult. You have officially entered into a contract with inspiration, and you must try to see it through, all the way to its impossible-to-predict-outcome.

Elizabeth Gilbert

I spent, April 30 reflecting and somehow this book came to mind that I went through the notes I made when I read it back in 2019. It was what I needed, the reminder of the deal I made with creativity. Well, I have always loved words because of the essence they carry, hence my love for reading and writing. However, words can either build or destroy which is why I have always tried to be selective of the words I put out. Starting this blog was my yes to inspiration, the first step of our partnership. I knew it was time because I have always wanted to use my words to inspire, build and heal, unfortunately, whenever the thought of pursuing this came to mind, fear got the best of me and I never agreed to inspiration’s request for us to partner. So just like that, inspiration passed me by. Any way, I realised that it was enough and reading that book helped me see that. So I ensued on a journey to find and tap into self as well as to bring out that which I knew was within me and worked towards making it a reality. However, since the inception of my blog in January, I have tried to be consistent and it very much was convenient for me to, but a lot has changed since then. My time is not as available as it was then, but then again that is no excuse because honestly, the reason for time is so that things don’t happen all at once. So, I used April to determine how best to make my partnership with inspiration work because I set my mind to do this and I aim to see it through, regardless.

April was gratitude month for me, and I also experienced the faithfulness of God throughout. I embraced the power of prayer and reading the word daily. I have shared my struggles with you and how sometimes I felt God had distanced Himself from me and how at some point, around late February or early March I experienced spiritual blindness and deafness. My faith wavered, and I was consumed with doubt because I felt like what He said in Jeremiah 29:11 was not true. Honestly, I couldn’t see what His plan was, or where God was taking me for that matter and I felt lost, broken and forsaken. However, one thing I did not stop doing was read the word and pray daily because my faith was weakening and I knew that I had to remain steadfast regardless of the doubt I was allowing the devil to instil in me. Through all this God maintained His position and in the end He showed up. I know I have been keeping you my dear reader in suspense especially because I have been making mention of my testimony this and my testimony that, well, I will have that out some time next week, please be on the lookout for that. Trust that you will understand why gratitude was the major lesson in April and why my life is God and faith centred. So please lookout for that article next week and thank you for continuing to read.

Now, April came to a close and we are still here which is to be appreciated because many have not been fortunate enough to. It is a blessing that you and I are still here in spite of everything. Each day is to be embraced because it is through God’s Grace and Mercy which is renewed daily that we are still here and for that we should be thankful.

I usually have ten reflective points, however sometimes you realise that as you journey through the month God is constantly speaking to you about one major thing over and over. As I have mentioned, gratitude was the core lesson for me this April and the scripture inscribed in my heart was Revelation 1:8 because it summed up all the scriptural lessons I got from each daily devotional lesson. This verse speaks to God being the Alpha and Omega which to me affirmed that through all that I may face, God still stands because He was, He has been, He is and He will always be there regardless of what life throws at me. Importantly, this verse confirms that God is always present. Also, what I got out from this verse as a summary of all the scriptures I read in April is that God will never forsake me, God loves me and He will always sustain me. He knew me from the beginning and set my life’s course and He very much will see me to the end because He is the Alpha and Omega!

Well, these are the top five lessons I learned from April:

  • The more grateful you are for that which God has blessed you with, the more things He will bestow upon you to be grateful for.
  • Being authentic in your celebration with those who have succeeded before you serves as a positive for you because it shows God of your readiness to handle your own blessings. However, bitterness and speaking ill of those successes serves as a negative because it shows God that you are not ready to handle your own blessings which then makes the process a bit longer. Be honest in your expression of celebration with those who have succeeded because in truth being negative about it only halts your own successes.
  • Struggles are not meant to break you. Struggles are meant to strengthen you. (Read James 1).
  • God remains faithful if you are honest with your faithfulness to Him.
  • Prayer changes things and I stand by it. Starting off my day with prayer and the word as well as ending it as such has changed my life for the better and everything else in-between has worked out because of that. Prayer and the word of God have been my keys to all the doors that God has opened for me and the locks for the negative things that were fashioned my way.

Anyhow, although we are faced with quite a number of things, God still remains a constant. I for one still trust God. I for one still cling onto hope. We will get through this. Let us keep up the faith. It is well!

April, I thank you for this chapter on gratitude. Surely Goodness and Mercy shall continue to follow you and I my dear reader, ALWAYS!

Grounded in Faith


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