The Next Chapter: April

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My goodness, it is April already- how time flies! Welcome back. We have made it to the fourth month and Glory be to God. It was not an easy journey but we made it and we will continue making it by the Grace of God. Yay God! Yay us!

It has been an uphill this past few months especially with everything that has been going on and the effects of Coronavirus, but we have remained hopeful that things will get better and this will subside, soon. Today marks the first day of April; the next chapter on the journey of faith, purpose and life that we embarked on at the beginning of the year. I am so grateful that you continue to read on and the expression of the influence my words have on you are what motivate me to continue writing especially because they have enhanced growth for me too. So, thank you so much, and I hope that we will continue to engage more moving forward. This blog was inspired by my love for words and conversation because as I navigated through life I came to understand that the essence carried through words brings out so much power that could either make or break a person. With that fact, I made a decision to use my voice through writing, to motivate, heal, encourage, stimulate discussion and conversations across all borders. Honestly, I have tried my utmost best to do that and I strive to continue doing just that. So if you are new here, welcome and thank you for joining our community, I do hope that you will come to appreciate this work as we find ourselves, appreciate who we are in every sphere of our lives and that you will be empowered through the content put out.

I am very much excited to experience what April will bring with it. Someone told me that I had an infectious sense of optimism, and it annoyed them so much because I wore it through all things even when things were totally messed up. Imagine that! However, is optimism bad though? Anyway, they were right, I very much am an optimistic person and quite hopeful too through all situations no matter how bad. I think I told you guys sometime in March that I rarely panic because I have learned over the years that panicking does not change the situation, instead it is a waste of energy and I choose not to mine on panic, anxiety and worry. Instead, I choose to make my life work around the situation and never allow it to define my life or bring it to a halt. In some way, naturally I easily adapt and accept things I cannot change and move on.

We talk about hope a lot, or rather we use the word hope quite a lot and sometimes I think we never truly embrace the principle of what this word means. Perhaps we know its definition, but we do not apply it well into our lives and that is ok, I suppose but for some of us, hope has done so much that we continue clinging on to it. Hope is comfort. Hope is peace. Hope is joy. Hope is the one element in life that we all need to embrace enough to understand that things eventually work out in the end. All we need is to believe it and have no doubt about it whatsoever. Hope is always there and is always easy to find but hard to activate because some people honestly let fear, and their negative circumstances overwhelm them enough to inhibit hope activation. Hope is critical in achieving just about anything in life especially when you begin to have doubts. It is the one factor in life that we can always go back to and cling on when times are hard and all means possible to get out of a stiff situation seem to be in vain. Hope keeps me going. It is not easy sometimes, yes but hope reminds me that things do get better and I will get through whatever I may be going through, all in good time. So let us be hopeful this month, regardless.

In March, I learned that God was indeed faithful and remains true to His promises because that is how gracious and loving He is. Above all else I have recognized the fact that devoting myself to God through prayer and the word as well as remaining faithful to Him, make His mercy and blessings surpass the level I may have set. God is amazing guys. Trust me. I have never been this content or happier in my life and the secret ingredient is Jesus Christ. He has made me whole in ways I never deemed possible, and I continue to trust Him no matter what. So, I have no idea what April has in store for me but I am hopeful that it will be abundance in faith. Abundance in joy. Abundance in grace. Abundance in mercy. Abundance in blessings. Abundance in growth in all spheres of my life and I receive all this because God has bestowed it upon my life.

Even now, this April I maintain my position in Christ. I continue dedicating my time to Him. I continue appreciating His word and living as it commands. I look to Him for direction. I ask that He grants me the understanding and wisdom I will require to handle the next phase of my life now and moving forward. He has prepared me for the blessing He has given to me, however, I still need Him to walk with me and be a light in my path because I can never honestly do anything on my own accord. April is going to be a good month, and I can already envision it and in spite of what we see with our physical eyes, spiritually, great things will be happening. God is still at work, and He continues to move.

I will continue to serve God and help others as well as remain humble and faithful to God. 1 Peter 5 is an encouragement letter and shares a testimony about the goodness of God and I will cling on to it as I step into the greatness of this month. Though we may have suffered a little while, God will restore and has already restored everything and through all our perseverance and suffering I believe that we have been made firm, strong and steadfast. It is well. God is still at work, and He continues to move.

April, I embrace you in faith and I receive all the abundant blessings God has in store for me wholeheartedly so. I am grateful that God is still within me, beside me, ahead of me and behind me through this journey. It is all being worked out for my good. God is still ever so Gracious, Loving and Merciful even this month. So, April, Welcome!

Grounded in Faith


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