March Journey Reflection

Hi Friends ๐Ÿ˜€,

Another month has come to an end and what month it was! In any case, we got through it, by the Grace of God of course. Coronavirus has been making the rounds globally and has not only impacted health but livelihoods. It’s had a negative effect on economies, induced fear and had so many people contemplating on whether this was the apocalypse. Many went back to church because they supposedly believed that if this was the end, then at least they wouldn’t be left behind when the rupture occurs for they would be in church at that time. Interesting notion, huh? However, it isn’t at all surprising because that’s how people are in general, they don’t want the full on committed relationship with God and the work involved in building as well as maintaining that relationship, instead, they want the benefits. Well, it isn’t how it works, and I learned that as I reflected over my life, right before I decided to fully commit back to God. During the time of reflection, I realized that I had been two-timing God and because of that He took a step back but never left, He was there but rather stepped back and allowed me be. Once I recognized that my way wasnt working out, I went back to Him, poured my heart out and God Being God, ever so graceful and merciful He welcomed me back with an open heart. Anyhow, that aside, my point is, Coronavirus has made a lot of people rethink their lives, especially spiritually so. Yes, a number of them misconstrue what that means and have leaned on misconceptions which I think need to be addressed, however, that is an “address” for another day, today we reflect on March.

Now, moving right alongโ€ฆ

Since starting this blog, I’ve made a reflection for each month with top ten lessons learned. However, as I was looking through my notes for the month, as based on my journal entries which are summaries of my personal understanding of each daily devotional scripture reading, one thing came up in all of my entries and that was faithfulness. That said, March, for me, was an affirmation that God is faithful. I learned that in spite of everything that goes on in each of our lives, no matter how bad, God remains faithful. I’ve had conversations with some Christians over the course of this month mostly revolving around COVID-19 and their Christian stance on the matter. What I can tell you is that some Christians are an interesting bunch especially since I noted that a number of them had removed their faith robes and exchanged them for fear robes, and honestly I found that to be quite interesting. Here’s the thing, though, I am neither being judgmental towards them nor am I blaming them because truth is, many a time during tough times we use our physical vision to focus which completely distorts the image we are supposed to be focusing on with our spiritual vision. Yes, COVID-19 has caused and continues to cause quite a number of disruptions, but it doesn’t define us and it isn’t at all the end! Itโ€™s either you have faith or you have fear because in truth, faith and fear can never be concomitant. I read somewhere that fear is a spiritual roadblock, and I couldn’t agree more because honestly when you are engulfed by fear you lose focus which in turn blocks your sense of direction. When you are fearful, you don’t think straight and you very much make mistakes, you dont take heed to orders and in the case of our coronavirus fight, these include the preventive and control measures that have been implemented to mitigate the situation. Well, this might not make sense to some, but I say fear masked as ignorance and stupidity in the era of coronavirus is a road block. For example, they have taught us on how we could try prevent the spread of the virus and many of these measures are feasible, but no, we have completely disregarded them. So, to me that screams, stupidity as influenced by your fear which in turn has blocked any sense in your brain of thinking straight. So you are not only putting your life at risk, but that of many others. I mean, this is for a short while, we need patience, total compliance to the measures put in place and just make our bid in this fight. Coronavirus isn’t a one man show and by that I mean it is not a fight for the government or the health care workers, but it is a fight for all of us which we can only win by working together and disallow fear from making us ignorant enough not to adhere to simple instructions such as practicing social distancing!

Today marks Day 5 of a 20-day partial lockdown in my country and as much as some are adherent to the conditions of this lockdown, a number of people aren’t. For some people this is hard to comply to especially since they know not what to do indoors for 24 hours. I may be biased in this regard especially because I am an indoor type of person and any chance to be at home is bliss for me. Anyway, I have been home full time from January, since completing my yearlong voluntary work attachment for clinical experience last year December. So, I’ve adapted to that and incorporated some activities to build me up during my time at home. I never go out, itโ€™s only on rare occasions and its honestly if there is a need. The only time I would go out was for my morning run, bible study, prayer services and church on Sundays. Otherwise, I was home and indoors full time. So when the partial lockdown was announced, I felt no pinch whatsoever because I had adapted to being at home and working on myself. During this time, Ive dedicated my time to the word and through doing that God has done so many wonderful things in my life. My faith has been made stronger and my spiritual roots run deeper. God has shown me favor on a number of things this month and I will be sharing my testimony with you soon. I have caught up on reading, writing and even went back to running each morning. Basically, I have found myself again and appreciated God all the more. Oh, and I got baptized on the 7th of this month which was an important milestone for me. Yay!

I am an indoor person, yes, however some days being home, unemployed and having nothing promising on the horizon is never easy. You question the value of your skillset especially because all the doors you knock on are either shut right on your face or none are opened for you. Such times shake your faith I tell you, but having that connection with God brings you back in line when that happens because if you have the word inscribed in your heart, you use the word you have to remind yourself that your breakthrough is on its way, just be still! There is a season for everything, and I have tried to remind myself of that when I celebrate with family and friends winning in all areas of their lives which somehow affirm that my time will come too for God remains faithful through all things and indeed His mercies are renewed each day (Lamentations 3:22-23). Early this month I felt my faith waver, I was growing spiritually blind and negative emotions began to engulf me. I couldnt have that happen, and I texted three friends who are faithfully and spiritually rooted in Christ to pray with me because honestly I was not doing well. It was a tough time because I was questioning God and by doing that I realized that I was shifting my trust as well as blocking Him from working in my life. My faith wavering and my spiritual eyes being blinded signified distrust in Gods plan for my life and I could not have that because I live by Jeremiah 29:11 for it is a reminder that in spite of things not going how I want them to, Gods plan for my life is nothing but good and prosperous. I just need to maintain my stand in Him and trust in the process.

Often times we look at the situation at hand, look at the now and disregard the fact that it will soon pass. I don’t blame us of course; such is life, however, sometimes a little faith is all we need to believe that though we may not see the victory now, in the need it shall come. This month has taught me just that; faith and patience. I have learned that God works through a person and uses them to propel another up. He doesnt love you any less or isnt aware that you are also in need of that which He has given the person He has tasked you to help; rather this is an expression of love and trust which He uses to allow you to be a blessing in other peoples lives because He wants to see if you will be capable in handling your own blessings. Just the other day I was engaged in a conversation with a close friend of mine and we talked about Gods favor and how mysterious God can be sometimes. I was sharing with him about the favor God has brought over my life, which He revealed to me, on Friday (27, March 2020) of which I never saw coming. I had but all given up, but when it happened to me, I remember just repeating James 1, especially since it expresses how trials arent designed to destroy us but rather to strengthen our faith and increase perseverance. What stood out for me was the part which spoke about how once you have stood the test and maintained your position, rooted in Christ and grounded in faith, the blessing, that which you have been asking from God will be bestowed upon you just as God has promised because you not only loved him, but in all things trusted Him. Imagine that! All in all, I learned this month that it all boils down to faith, yes I have always known it, but as I continue meditating on the word I am learning so much, a lot of things are beginning to make sense and God and I are getting closer. So, March has fortified my faith and God has remained faithful to me.

Now faith, my dear reader is another level of spirituality and I will write a piece about it in the not so distant future. However, now all I can tell you is that, God continues to work and He has not forsaken us. Right now we may be blinded by coronavirus and have doubts on whether the situation will ever subside, but I’m here to reassure you that it sure will. We have called upon Him to help us during this time and He has heard us. In fact, He has done it already, lets maintain our positions and have faith in Him. Each day I pray for the health care workers in the frontlines and I thank God for continuing to grant them the strength to do the incredible work of saving lives and I go on to ask God to bless, guide, grant them wisdom and protect them as they do their work. In essence I pray for those afflicted by this virus and spiritually cover them in the healing blood of Jesus Christ in faith that by His blood and His Stripes He has healed them. I go on to pray that God brings comfort to the families who have lost loved ones from this virus and I ask that we maintain our faith, prayerfully!

This too shall pass. Social distancing is important, STAY HOME! Let us flatten the curve. Adhere to measures that have been put in place. We can conquer this. Let’s each play our part. Let’s be safe and protect one another. It is well friends. It is well!

March, I thank you for this Chapter. Surely Goodness and Mercy shall continue to follow us ALWAYS!

Grounded in Faith


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