The Next Chapter: March

We have made it through the first two months of the year and survived. Yay us! This is to be celebrated especially since there are others who have not been quite fortunate. So I am immensely grateful to God for continuing to be a light in my path and guiding me through everything. Above all, just protecting me from all harm and being over my shoulder every step of the way. The past two months have groomed me to a better version of myself which honestly I never thought would be possible because I doubted myself at first. However, through my new found confidence in God, nothing has been impossible! I have managed to do all things through Him (Philippians 4:13) and that has given me so much joy as well as great contentment.

When we began February, I stated the fact that it was a new chapter, but that did not mean a change in the journey, but rather a continuation of that which we started in January. This year has to be a time for growth, a year where God reveals His plans and purpose for our lives. Like I said in my month-end (February) post; 2020 is a year of clear vision and that is not just our human vision but our spiritual vision. We have used our human vision long enough that we lost sight of that which God needed us to see. Somehow we neglected God’s direction because we were so adamant to get to where we want to on our own accord, forgetting the fact that God is the mastermind behind it all and He is the architect of the trails we walk on. That being a fact, we ought to let Him be our eyes in all our pathways.

The month of January taught me a lot about love, especially self-love through my reflections on my past life. Yes, I understood the meaning of love for self, but of utmost importance was the meaning of God’s love for my life. January made me realize that I had been seeking validation from all the wrong places where in fact, the love I so desired was always present, I just always thought it had to be given to me by another. I learned that God’s love was unconditional and He loved me despite my flaws and all the sinful acts I had committed in my past. In fact, He redeemed me and loved me exactly as I was because I came to Him with an open heart and I was honest enough with Him that He validated me, loved me regardless and healed me. God showed me what true love was and as I continued to meditate over His word in January, I fell all the more in love with Him!

The month of February taught me a lot about forgiveness, especially that of self and those around you too. February gave me a clear understanding that without forgiveness, my communication with God was blocked because He did not dwell where there was anger, hate and malice but rather thrived in love, peace and kindness. I appreciated the importance of prayer and how forgiveness offered healing for my life and most of all I learned that vengeance wasn’t for me but that I had to cast it all to God and allow Him to take care of it for me. I learned the importance of praying for those who persecuted me especially since not doing that served as a spiritual roadblock for I would harbour all these negative feelings, thus blocking the hand of God over my life. Learning to forgive and understanding its importance set me free because when I eventually forgave, I felt lighter and the more I was able to connect with God.

I have no idea what March has in store for me, however, I have my heart wide open to engrave the lessons God wants me to learn. Above all, I have my spiritual eyes open to see only that which God desires for me to see and spiritual ears open to listen to the voice of God speak to me and guide me through every step of the way. I am excited about this new chapter, I am excited about the growth God will bring into my life and all the things that He will be making new for me this month. Yes, I’m still rooted in faith and in Isaiah 43:18-19 and Philippians 3:12-14 that I have not taken a hold of it yet, but I press on in faith, forgetting the past and straining ahead in faith to take a hold of the wonderful, new things God has in store for me.

March, I embrace you in faith and I receive all the abundant blessings God has in store for me wholeheartedly so. I am grateful that God is still within me, beside me, ahead of me and behind me through this journey. It is all being worked out for my good.

God is still ever so Gracious, Loving and Merciful even this month. So, March, Welcome!

Grounded in Faith


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