Valentine’s Day Impressions

Hi Friends,

Paul’s letter to the Corinthians found in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 is a renowned scripture that has been used to teach congregants on what love should and should not be. Through this passage, we learn about the attributes of love and how it should best be expressed. This scripture has been used as a foundational scripture at weddings to remind the newlyweds on the type of love to express and caution them against diminishing love- to desire, riches, and torture because love is not meant to hurt but rather should be a pure form of- joy, kindness and peace. Actually, as I once mentioned before that if it promotes positivity and truth, then it is what love should be. Love should allow you to remain true to yourself and by no means require you to change in order to meet the standards of others or impress them even. Love should be an expression of what you feel inside which then transcends beyond all understanding however without a loss to self. Love should not make you lose yourself just so you maintain a relationship with a person or people who would never lose themselves for you. Love should be reciprocated and for that to happen both parties better understand the substance of what love is and how if not completely understood can be quite damning leading to heartbreak. That said I believe before anyone attempts to speak to them having fallen in love with anyone, they should actually understand what that means and the responsibility that comes with opening that door. Love is beautiful if shared in honesty and reciprocation.

So, today is Valentine’s Day and couples get to celebrate it through the exchanging of gifts as an expression of their romantic love for one another. I can never quite speak to this day because I have never really celebrated it, in truth despite my attempts to want to make the most out it, I’ve always been in relationships with men who couldn’t care about this day whatsoever. That being the case, them lacking the aptitude to offer a token of love on this day meant that I would never have to even expect anything for my birthday even because they never even remembered that too. Sad, huh? Anyway, that’s the story of my life. I suppose I allowed it to happen by not being honest about how I would have appreciated them to express love to me. I accepted nonsense because I lacked self-love and sought validation from them that all that mattered was having them in my life- I was lucky to have them but they, on the other hand, did not think that of me. So when it came to such days, it would pass us by without a bunch of roses, a box of chocolates, a little nice gift and a mere text even. Quite shameful I tell you. Anyhow, I accepted it and because of that it never changed.

I think Valentine’s day is a beautiful time. Well, if you are in an honest and complementation type of relationship, where celebrating your love for each other is not forced but rather happens voluntarily so. You do not capitalize on the public display of affection to increase likes on social media or to buy your partners love but rather as a form of appreciation for sharing your love together. I especially appreciate the appeal of whatever gesture they will select to express love to each other. I mean love is beautiful regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not guys. Yes, I have my reservations about it especially when it comes to the romantic type of love because of my past experiences, however, through my journey of self-love, I am slowly building up my faith yet again on love and actually considering how best I can share it with a counterpart and what exactly it is that I seek from them as well. Once you have healed, let go of the past and begin to love yourself more, a whole new world filled with grand opportunities opens up to you.

Well, enough said about my gloomy past, today love is in the air and for that we are cheerful and ready to express love to our loved ones, well for me it’s all dedicated to God and my family hey. I am very much single and I’ll probably prepare a nice meal to share with my family and if I am feeling at all extra fancy make dessert as well. In any case, I am excited about today and can’t wait to spend it with my family. I would like to wish you a fantastic day filled with love and joy. I hope you can express your love the best way you know how, only if it is positive, honest and kind, however. I hope what you give and have to offer is reciprocated. I hope you experience the same love that you will give. If you are single like I am, do not feel bad about it. Celebrate with those close to you who give you the same kind of love you give them and yes it is not a shame buying yourself flowers or chocolates even. You don’t need anyone to spoil you, my friend. You are love. You are loved. You are enough. You are allowed to show yourself some love because only you can express the kind of love you deserve first before sharing and expressing it to anyone else.


I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you make a fantastic weekend out of it. Enjoy!


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